How can we help you?

We have a vision for a restored city, made up of countless lives impacted by the grace of Christ.  Through our Adopt-a-Block program we work to meet the unique needs of our community, and the people who live here by building relationships through consistency.   We believe that you can not change what you will not touch and in order to build trust with people in our community we have to go to them, knock on their door, and get to know the people in our community that desperately need our help by finding out what their needs are and meeting them where they are at.

In order to begin meeting the immediate needs of our community-littered streets, messy yards, and lonely children-the Dream Center Gulf Coast will begin adopting blocks.  The idea which was once written on a napkin over lunch with Founder Matthew Barnett of the Los Angeles Dream Center, has now 22 years later spread to communities across the world.  Through Adopt-a-Block, physical needs of individuals and families are met on a consistent basis; this consistency then leads to relationships.  The relationships grow stronger until the door is open to have the opportunity to speak into an individual’s potential.  After the first three years of Adopt-a-Block in Los Angeles, their crime rate dropped 73% within the community!  Los Angeles has seen Adopt-a-Block change the atmosphere in more than sixteen neighborhoods, but the success is not limited to large metropolitan areas.  Adopt-a-Block has been implemented by churches, businesses, universities, and individuals across the United States and their city, neighborhood, or city block.

Many  volunteers gather together from all over Houston from different churches, schools, colleges, organizations, businesses and more and  go door-to-door on specific Saturday’s each month with the Dream Center Gulf Coast offering to clean, mow lawns, clean parks, paint, do laundry, landscape,  whatever is needed most. They distribute food, hygiene items, diapers and other needed items.  Children are gathered together for food, fun, games, and more.   As we work, we invite people to get plugged in to the local churches in the area that are Networked with the Dream Center Gulf Coast.

The Dream Center Gulf Coast’s Food Truck will also be scheduled alongside Adopt-a-Block, providing a meaningful supply of groceries for people who might otherwise go hungry. In some cases, special needs may be addressed over multiple weeks.

We are excited to announce our Adopt-a-Block locations:

Biscayne At Cityview Apartment, Imperial Valley Drive, Houston, TX