September 17 – “From Compassion to Action” Houston Outreach Event

September 17
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


compassion2actionWEB(all Villa Serina/City View apartments are invited to this event at the Biscayne Apartments).  The event will be hosted on the tennis courts of Biscayne Apartments located straight down from the Leasing Office.

DCGC will be partnering and co-laboring with several different Ministries, Organizations & Businesses for this special event. You can get involved as well today.

Event List:

“Mothers Vs Bullies” Organization run by Mr Johnny Roberts.  They will be coming out with several Teachers and School districts in the community of Greenspoint/A1/Aleaf District to talk about Bullying in the schools and community and how we can all come together as one to bring unity to the community.

They will also be discussing “NEIGHBORHOOD AWARENESS” which will consist of making the community aware of the fact that we are all a FAMILY.  The Biscayne Apartment complex is one of the largest in Greenspoint and we are sistered with over 25 apartment complexes in the area so we are trying to bring awareness, unity, and make people aware of the fact that the DCGC and several churches, orgs, business are here for the people.  We want them to know they are not alone and we all need to come together as one.

THE AMAZING FUN part about this event is we will be DUNKING (dunk tanks will  be set up and sponsored) the OWNERS and some of the Management Staff from several of the Villa Serina/City View Apts to show that we are REAL about our love and compassion for our community.


  • We ARE NEEDING more school supplies – List of supplies are listed on the DCGC website
  • NEW Clothing/Shoes/Sox/Undergarments (boys and girls all sizes from elementary to high school)
  • Diapers ALL sizes
  • Groceries to give to the families
  • We will be giving out HOT FOOD that day to the community and are currently looking for donations or someone to partner with the DCGC to offer grilled or catered meals for the community that day.

WE NEED Volunteers to help us hand out diapers to those in need, groceries, clothing, shoes and school supplies.

We will ALSO be going throughout the community with Volunteers and picking up trash and cleaning up the area.  This teaches people to take pride and honor where they live and is a great way to build relationships with our community.

We will also have LIVE Music/DJ for the day of the event and are currently in need of such services.

WE NEED SOUND/Music equipment for the day of event.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call!

Again thank you for this amazing opportunity to love people back to life as we co-labor with several orgs and ministries throughout the community!


Biscayne Apartments (Pull into the leasing office entrance and go straight to the TENNIS COURTS)

17050 Imperial Valley Drive

Houston, Texas 77060

Current Sponsors:

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